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The DNA of aimed analytics

At aimed analytics we concluded our only chance to better understand diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s is to provide the world’s scientists with unrestricted access to high-quality and biologically relevant analyses.

Our Vision

We are shaping the future of medicine through the power of data analytics.

Our mission statement

We use artificial intelligence to take scientific research to a new holistic level. Combining bio-medicine with data expertise.

Although generating biomedical Big Data is easier than ever these days, access to comprehensive bioinformatics analysis is very limited. In particular, experts who combine a comprehensive biological understanding with bioinformatics know-how are rare. We concluded that our only chance to better understand diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s is to provide the world’s scientists with unrestricted access to high-quality and biologically relevant analyses. 

aimed analytics was born out of this idea 

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Meet the team


Dr. Patrick Günther

Strategy, Finance, Big data analysis

PhD in Experimental Medicine, 2+ years experience in pharma data science consulting

Dr. Kevin Baßler

Technology, Product, Machine Learning

PhD in Biomedicine, Scientific publications in top journals

Jan-Hendrik Rudolph

People & Culture, Operations, Marketing

15+ years of higher management experience in media and retail companies

Johannes Wirths

Full-Stack Data Scientist

Master of Science, Unicorn and Start-Up Experience

Rachael Okedo


Software Engineer, Bachelor of Engineering & Bachelor of Science

Elias Schwall

Scientific Developer

Bachelor in Molecular Biomedicine | Master student, Computational Biology


Julia Jelenkowski

CRM and Marketing-Consultant

Journalist and B.Sc. Psychology, 5+ years driving user experience for RTL

Steffen Stöckel

Consultant for Performance Marketing and Web-Analytics

Project Lead Audience Management at RTL Deutschland GmbH

Luisa Schmid

Consultant Content & Social Media

Editing & Proofreading, Special Education (ESE)

Altay Yuzeir

Data Visualization Expert

Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering | Master student, Biochemistry

Our cultural DNA

Trust, decentralised organisation, delegation of responsibility, leadership in partnership and corporate responsibility towards society are the pillars of sustainable success. This is how we translate them for our corporate culture at aimed analytics.

Respectful treatment and appreciation are priority for us. Which does not mean that we take them for granted. Each and every one of us must set a good example. Respect and appreciation starts with you! We meet at eye level and keep hierarchies low and flexible, because this is the only way we are agile and can make decisions quickly and with conviction. Excessive formality is reserved for our competitors; among ourselves we are on a first-name basis. A close relationship of trust is the foundation for good cooperation.  

With us, you should feel free to unleash your creative impulses, because we are ready and open for new things and are sure that we will learn new recipes for success faster and faster along the way. If you have expertise in an area and you see something potentially brilliant that we don't yet see, share it with us and convince us to bring it to live. Keep in mind: You are not following any example. YOU are the best example, your best self as part of our unprecedented vision.

We have deep confidence in the abilities and autonomy of our colleagues. We want day-to-day business decisions to be made within the teams and not by management. We do not leave the teams alone with this responsibility but are always available as advisors and coaches. The autonomy of our teams is an important pillar of our success. Our communication, our actions and our intentions always put the whole company, the team and the big "we" in the foreground. That is why we do not think in hierarchies. We support all employees in their personal and professional development. We are united by the fact that ideas inspire us and we do not shy away from risk. We simply do it.

We take responsibility for our own potential and the further development of our skills and personality. As the world around us is constantly changing, we must also constantly change. A great openness to continuous change processes is therefore an important competence for us. If we do not develop further, our company will not develop further either. Being satisfied with our own skills and sitting back is not an option for us. 

For us, learning is an ongoing process and motivation to achieve our goals even better. We dare to experiment, admit mistakes as opportunities and share our knowledge. Fun must not be neglected in the process. Mutual, comprehensive feedback is the way to better solutions. We learn from experience and experiments and are happy to share our knowledge with colleagues. We motivate each other to always seek new challenges and to regularly record learning successes. We use the learning content and platforms made available to us independently and in a goal-oriented way, according to our individual talents and personal interests. We let ourselves all be measured by the achievement of common goals.

Our clients are the focus of our actions. We need to know their needs, their problems, their wishes. Then we deliver better solutions and products for our customers. We are using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a goal-setting framework that helps us to focus by providing a clear and measurable way to set and track progress. This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals, and that progress can be easily tracked and measured. This should help us to democratize medical data to unlock the power for everyone.

There is a clear prioritisation of our topics based on transparent decision criteria. We don't implement anything without first defining measurable goals (KPIs). We do not do things by halves! We all know and follow our vision. We are one team with a strong overarching self-image. Each individual knows exactly how he/she can contribute to our success. United forces, one mission.

If you are absolutely enthusiastic about an idea, take the initiative and drive the change. If it contributes to the well-being of our company and our employees, we will definitely not stop you, but support you.

We encourage and challenge people who are creative and also willing to stand up for their ideas and take risks. We celebrate the courageous and know that controlled chaos is sometimes necessary to discover and drive innovation. We involve others, for new perspectives and diversity - so together we get better results.

We need space to be creative and to come up with new ideas. As a company, we demand and encourage this. This means: 10% of your working time per week should be spent learning, trying things or furthering your education. We invest this time and you invest the motivation and joy of further development. Take this time and use it to advance yourself and us as a company.