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Our team specializes in expert analysis of multiple data sources, including transcriptomic, epigenomic, proteomic, and multi-omic data. Whether the data comes from a single cell or a mass production, our team is able to provide in-depth analysis and detailed insights. Whatever your research goal, we provide customized analysis to meet your needs.


The RNA sequencing method provides insights into the molecular events in physiological processes and diseases. In comparison to single-cell RNA-seq bulk RNA-seq provides more genes per sample. We offer a range of analyses to help you get the most out of your RNA sequencing data.

Analysis of Transcriptomics data


Epigenomics makes it possible to decipher non-genetic components of complex human diseases and to understand disease variation. Our analyses open the door to epigenomic research on your samples. Our expertise includes, among others, the analysis of CHIP-sequencing, ATAC-sequencing​, and Methylome-sequencing.

Analysis of Epigenomics data


Proteomics is a rapidly growing field that involves the systematic, large-scale analysis of proteins and provides a global perspective on how these molecules interact to create a functioning biological system. With our analyses, we enable proteomic research on your samples, focusing on flow-cytometry, mass cytometry (CyTOF), imaging mass cytometry (IMC) and more.

Analysis of Proteomics data


The multi-omics approach uniquely enables discovery of new molecular relationships, hypothesis generation, and drug and therapy targets. We offer a wide range of services, including analysis of ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and ATAC-seq data, DNA methylation analysis, as well as proteomic, metabolomic, glycomic, genomic and lipidomic analysis.

Analysis of Multiomics data

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