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Today we're sharing a little personal story and insight into what we encounter as a startup! Learn what we experienced at Dragons' Den on HEALTH+ DEMO DAY.

Last week, on Thursday, May 11, we participated in HEALTH+ DEMO DAY 2023. The event took place entirely according to the Dragons' Den principle: six startups from the health sector in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, present their concept and try to inspire the judges, convince an investor and grab a financial grant. Students, professors, researchers and anyone who was interested could join live on site or watch the event online in the stream.

We made it through the application process and were also there as one of the top 6 startups as well. You already know our concept, but we don't want to deprive you of the teaser chosen by Health+:

aimed analytics develops the digital infrastructure for medical data. We help unlock the full potential of medical data to develop targeted treatments, better diagnostics and more effective therapeutics. To do this, we provide a software-as-a-service platform that enables pharmaceutical companies to harness the potential of big medical data without the need for in-house IT infrastructure or data scientists.


In addition, these exciting startups were there:

  • meal&heal, which makes intolerances visible and creates a symptom-based, individualized diet
  • Detechgene, which offers accurate and cost-effective solutions with an innovative rapid testing method, enabling people to monitor their health
  • Glimskin, which offers a wearable cosmetic device that provides an innovative and natural solution to skin blemishes through the use of cold plasma
  • Medirion, which enables early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and offers digitally assisted therapy guidance to already affected patients
  • Lucoyo, which increases the productivity of psychotherapeutic practices and simplifies the connection between psychotherapist and patient

The jury included many great personalities, including medical consultant and investor Dietrich Grönemeyer, Martin Blüggel, Business Angel & Managing Director at ProtaGene, and Yasemin Sezer, Investment Analyst. And we'll tell you something: Just the opportunity to present your concept to such motivated and experienced jurors, to present the pitches of the other startups and to exchange ideas is worth so much!


We won. No, we didn't make first place (congratulations again to meal&heal at this point). But we won experience and know what we can do better next time. We feel stronger than before.

And we have gained something that is worth just as much. New contacts. Keyword: networking. We were able to expand our network of contacts and thus strengthen it.

What we want to say with that: Every attempt, every pitch counts. You don't have to reach first place to win. Never consider something like that as a defeat and keep in mind what valuable things you were able to take away from it.

We are so proud of all the startups that participated. And we thank you for the beautiful day, we thank all the spectators, the jurors and investors and of course our readers.