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Last week, aimed analytics made a splash at 2024 in München, showcasing our cutting-edge one-click analytics platform for biomedical data. From engaging with industry giants to addressing key challenges in data management and AI model training, our experience was nothing short of exhilarating. Here's our in-depth recap!

aimed analytics at 2024 in München: A Week Later

Exactly one week ago, aimed analytics had the incredible opportunity to participate in 2024, held in the beautiful city of München. This prominent European conference, scheduled for June 5-6, 2024, is dedicated to healthcare technology, innovation, and digital health. It serves as a dynamic platform where healthcare professionals, tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors converge to explore the future of health tech.

We start with a small series of pictures. Behind it you will find an overview of the event, everything about our product focus, your frequently asked questions and of course our conclusion!

But first of all: It was an honor and a great pleasure for us. Amazing to have seen you! in Pictures

#1: Our founders: Dr. Kevin Baßler (left) and Dr. Patrick Günther (right)

#2: aimed analytics' booth

#3: aimed analytics at conference

#4: Simplify AI for medical data

Event Overview

New Branding

This year marked a significant change as the conference rebranded from Bits and Pretzels to simply This rebranding reflects the event's evolving focus and broader scope, allowing for a more diverse range of exhibitors and topics.

Diverse Exhibitors

In contrast to last year, where the focus was heavily on Digital Health Applications (DiGA), this year's exhibitors were much more varied. Alongside DiGAs, numerous start-ups showcased their innovative medical technology hardware, including robotics, garments that measure medical parameters, rapid home tests, and much more. This diversity not only highlighted the rapid advancements in health tech but also the increasing interest from international exhibitors.

Investor Attendance

While the conference saw a rise in the variety and international presence of exhibitors, the number of investors seemed to have decreased. This shift may indicate a changing landscape in health tech investment strategies and priorities.

Notable Exhibitors

Boehringer Ingelheim made a notable appearance with its innovative BI X initiative, while Roche promoted its groundbreaking platform, Navify. Navify is particularly exciting for young start-ups as it enables them to connect their products to this comprehensive platform, promising enhanced integration and collaboration opportunities.

Inspiring Talks

One of the standout moments of the conference was the talk by Gordon Herbert, the national coach of the German basketball team, who recently led the team to world championship victory. His unconventional and sympathetic manner provided refreshing insights into building a world champion team. His experiences resonated deeply with young start-ups like ours, who face similar challenges and triumphs on the road to success.

aimed analytics' Product Focus

Engaging Presentations

At our booth, we introduced our product using a promo video and the premise:

"We enable you to talk directly with your data."

This clear and straightforward message immediately captured the interest of attendees. Additionally, our one-sentence pitch, "We have a one-click analytics platform for biomedical data," proved to be very effective in communicating our value proposition.

Interest from Industry Giants

We were thrilled to see significant interest in our platform from not only SME pharma companies but also major players like Novo Nordisk. This validation from big pharma reinforces the potential impact of our solution in the biomedical data analytics space.

Addressing Common Questions

We encountered a couple of frequently asked questions during the event:

  • How do you deal with unstructured and messy data?

    • Our response: For very messy data, such as clinical data, we provide an analysis expert to help clean up the data in collaboration with the customer.

  • How can you train an AI model automatically and ensure it is not over- or under-fitted?

    • Our response: An expert will evaluate the model after training to ensure optimal performance.

Valuable Connections

The conference provided us with the opportunity to make numerous interesting contacts, paving the way for potential collaborations and partnerships in the future.

Conclusion 2024 in München was an enriching experience for aimed analytics. The event not only showcased the latest advancements in healthcare technology but also offered a platform for meaningful connections and valuable insights. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our journey in revolutionizing biomedical data analytics.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from aimed analytics!